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We get it: face-to-face interactions with your customers are your specialty. They’re what make your business – and our small town – thrive.

But second-best is your online presence, and that’s OUR specialty. It’s how visitors and looky-loos and weekend shoppers find you, and become the next new face to walk in the door. A good website design will attract more customers and set the right impression.

Your local business needs a local partner who knows Mountain View, knows tech, and knows business. That’s Syllamo Business Labs.

Build a New Website

We can help design, build, host and manage a new website for your business. Increase visibility, sales, engagment, and customer satisfaction.

Accept Digital Payments

Take credit cards, Apple Pay, Venmo or other digital payments easy. More customers, faster payments, and less hassle for you. 

Create a New Webstore

Setup a new webstore to allow your customers to shop online. Reach a broader market, extend your hours, and increase sales.       

Be Seen By Customers

Make sure you’re searchable in local listings. Get in front of the right customers for the right price, and show your business in its best light.

Plan for Growth

Take your idea and business to new heights. Startup, expand, optimize, grow and otherwise make your business hum.                 

Use Tech to Make it Easy

Find the right solutions for inventory, POS, accounting and other management goals. Reduce workload, increase effectiveness and grow more easily.



We live and work in Mountain View, so we understand the local market and how to best fit in…or stand out!


Been There, Done That

We have started and run several businesses, in various markets, so we can see the business from your perspective AND from the perspective of your customer.


Focused on Growth

We are not just website creators, we focus on your whole business and where you want to take it. This lets us build better websites and all-around customer experiences that help you thrive.

We’re a Lab, Not a Factory

There are thousands of website creators, many of them terrifically talented. However, most aren’t going to spend the time to understand your business and what needs to be on that website. 

Showcasing your business isn’t just a formula, it’s a little bit of alchemy. Consider us the mad scientists who will work to find just the right formulation.



We want to know what makes your business tick. What you sell, who your customer is, who you want to reach, what works, what doesn’t and where you want to take it.

Knowing this, we can deliver solutions that fit you, your business and your goals. More targeted websites, right sized technology, and business strategies that work for you.


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With roots in Mountain View, we also have small business and startup experience from several larger markets. We can bring all this together to create just the right solution for our community.

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